Massages For Children 1 hour session £45 plus an additional 10% discount

Children have completely different physical, emotional and developmental needs to adults, which is why we offer massage therapy for children, teenagers and infants.

We tailor our children’s massages to suit your child’s needs, taking into account early childhood development considerations to ensure that your child gets the maximum benefit from their massage therapy. Whether you want to learn to massage your child yourself, or you think your child/teenager would benefit from a therapeutic massage – we can help.

Children's massage is a gentle and empathetic way to encourage your child to relax and find a sense of balance. It can be useful to support existing medical conditions and disabilities.

Our children' massage therapists will be happy to come to your home to work with your child and provide a tailor made massage for your child in safe, familiar and comfortable surroundings. You can rest assured that Lintons Massage & Movement will take every aspect of your child’s wellbeing into account to ensure an effective and relaxing massage therapy.

Children's Massage can assist with…

  • Supporting emotional issues such as insomnia, low self-esteem and anxiety
  • Parent and child bonding
  • Improving concentration and increasing confidence
  • Physical relaxation
  • Supporting the body's natural power for healing