Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 1 hour session £45

Deep tissue massage therapy can help to relieve the muscle tension and tightness that can build up in our bodies because of stress, a condition that affects our health, after an injury, through sports or by repetitive daily activities.

Our qualified deep tissue massage therapists aim to improve muscle function by enabling the targeted muscles and soft tissue to move more freely and easily, feeling less restricted and tender. Deep tissue massage uses very little or no massage medium or oil, unlike many other kinds of remedial massage, so the therapist is better able to engage with the soft tissues, rather than slide over them.

A deep tissue body massage usually ends with a more superficial massage using oil, to encourage the muscles that have been worked with to relax and begin the repair process.

Our massage therapists can come to you anywhere in Birmingham or the West Midlands to provide deep tissue massage therapy - whether you need assistance at home, would like a therapist to visit you at work, or even in your hotel room during a city visit. They will carry out an assessment with you and then provide a focussed deep tissue massage aimed at reducing any pain or aches and to support natural healing.

Deep Tissue Massage can assist with…

  • Improving muscle tone
  • Releasing adhering muscles and ‘knots’ or adhesions
  • Increasing circulation to get more oxygen to your muscles and taking built-up waste away
  • Encouraging healing and relieving tension
  • Stretching muscles and soft tissues, to keep your joints and muscles mobile, supple and pliable