Hotel Massage 1 hour session £55

Our mobile hotel massage service in Birmingham is the ideal solution for those visiting the city, for whatever reason.

This is not a sexual service. This is strictly a non-sexual service - more details here.

Our fully qualified massage therapists will come fully prepared with all the props and equipment they might need to support your individual treatment, and can provide a range of therapies in the comfort of your hotel room, including:

Whether you’re a travelling businessman, have just landed after a long haul flight, are taking part in a regional sports competition or simply need a relaxing treatment after a busy day sightseeing, we have a team of therapists who will arrive promptly, support relaxation, your body's natural ability to heal and get a good night’s sleep.


Please note:

It is note our intention to cause offense or embarrassment but it must be made clear that we provide a strictly non-sexual service. We apologise for being so frank, but this point needs to be made very clear. We deal in quality, therapeutic massage, given by professional, qualified massage therapists. We do not offer Tantric massage or any service that could in any way be misinterpreted as sexual. We reserve the right to contact the police should we feel it necessary to do so.

All booking fees are non-refundable