Indian Head Massage 1 hour session £45

Our Indian Head Massage therapists are trained to give a traditional massage treatment, with additional modifications to suit the demands of a Western lifestyle. Indian Head Massage is aimed at reducing stress, encouraging relaxation and calming the mind.

Indian Head Massage focuses on releasing the stress that has built up in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders using rhythmical strokes for relaxation, and stillness holds aimed at naturally balancing the body’s energies. There’s no need to remove clothing and the treatment can be given whilst seated, making it a very versatile therapy that can be given in a variety of venues, from your home to a work environment and at events.

Our massage therapists can come to you anywhere in Birmingham and the West Midlands to provide an Indian Head Massage - whether you want us to visit you at home, would like a therapy session at work, or even in your hotel room, for instance, after a stressful business meeting. They will assess your individual needs and provide a focussed massage to reduce stress and enhance a feeling of well-being.

Indian Head Massage can assist with…

  • Releasing muscular tension, relaxing the shoulders, neck and scalp
  • Reducing migraine effects and the frequency of headaches
  • Improving sleep patterns and insomnia
  • Improving sinusitis
  • Stimulating circulation and the lymphatic system
  • Reducing stress and enhance a feeling of well-being