Reflexology 1 hour session £45

Reflexology is based on the principle that every area of the body is reflected in specific areas of the feet, hands and head. Our therapists will use different pressure techniques to stimulate these areas with direct pressure, so that the corresponding area of a person’s body is affected and encouraged to heal or relax. Reflexology offers a natural way for your body to achieve balance, heal and relax.

Reflexology in Pregnancy

The main aim of reflexology is to promote a feeling of balance and well-being, and because it is a natural and non-invasive therapy, it is safe for pregnant women after the third trimester. It can support relieving tension and promote relaxation.

Reflexology can assist with…

  • Reducing stress with deep relaxation
  • Easing the aches and discomfort of pregnancy
  • Easing stress-related conditions
  • Improving sleep patterns and reducing insomnia